Nov 13, 2018

Meet sourcerer

We developers need to find ways to sell our work and it is not always easy if we are not front-end devs with colorful portfolios. It's even more difficult if we don't want to show ourselves as an X programming language dev. The programming language we use sometimes is only an accident on our careers, or a matter of necessity to fit on the market. Furthermore, coding is only a portion of our tasks, so just calling us devs sometimes can be unfair when we can also design, test, deploy, coordinate a team or whatever other things we do; but you get the idea, let me call us devs for a moment.

As devs, we can master a language and know (maybe less) other languages. As an example, the language I currently know the most is C++, but I have used some others and I see myself using others in the future. For that reason, I think it's important to not label ourselves.

Now, if we were a product to sell to companies/customers, it can get difficult to say we are a master of none and get a contract. We will also have difficulties at having an attractive portfolio when we do lots of different stuff, and mainly if most of our work was/is in private repos. We don't even have source files to convince somebody that we are not just charlatans.

Enter Sourcerer: A platform that shows our geek profile. It is a great tool to know yourself, and of course, to let others know about you. Check my profile as an example; Although not that impressive, it will let somebody know that I actually have experience writing code, which is a good first step.

On the other hand, I am one of those guys whose contributions are mostly in private repos, and sourcerer app by default only process public repositories. Anyway, they provide a way to process local private repos to gather statistics and send them to their servers without sending the actual code.

Now you know there is a good tool to show you are not a fraud, so go and create your profile, and if you want an easy way to use sourcerer app locally, you might guess, Docker is always a good friend. I created this small repo with instructions to process your local private repositories.

I hope you enjoy knowing fun facts about yourself and be proud of your geek profile.

© 2018 Whoan. Code released under the MIT License